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$10,000 and above
Larry Herron and Harlow Sires

$5,000 – $9,999
Jean Paul Bierny and Chris Tanz
Nancy Bissell
Max McCauslin and John Smith
Randolph and Margaret Nesse
Randy Spalding
John and Helen Schaefer

$2,500 – $4,999
Jim Cushing
Minna Shah
Walt Swap
Herschel Rosenzweig
Jim Tharp and Jim Lindheim
Paul St. John and Leslie Tolbert
Michael and Mary Turner

$1,000 – $2,499
Barry and Susan Austin
Ben, Miriam, Ruth, and Rachel
Barbara Carpenter
Dagmar Cushing
Caleb and Elizabeth Deupree
Leonid Friedlander
J.D. and Margot Garcia
Tom and Janet Gething
Marilyn Heins and Milton Francis
Alan Hershowitz
Janet and Joe Hollander
Betsy Iventosch Babb
Myra Levenson and Gerry Goldsholle
Richard and Susan Nisbett
Norman Paulu
John and Ila Rupley
Reid and Linda Schindler
Stephen Smith and Carla Granat
Sherman Weitzman

$500 – $999
Paul and Alice Baker
Peter and Carole Feistmann
Eloise Gore and Allen Hile
John G. Hildebrand and Gail D. Burd
Keith and Adrienne Lehrer
Lori Mares
Warren and Felicia May
George Timson
Martin Diamond and Paula Wilk
Anne Wright and Rich Wallat

$250 – $499
Thomas and Susan Aceto
Bob Albrecht and Jan Kubek
Frank and Betsy Babb
Nathaniel Bloomfield
Bob Capetta
Renaissance Charitable
Julia Coach
Nancy Cook
Wiley Cornell
Zoe and Matt Davis
Mark Dickinson and Letizia Stanghellini
Monika Dorman
Gerald and Barbara Goldberg
Les and Suzanne Hayt
George and Cecile Klavens
Kathleen Krause
Daniela Lax
Alan Levenson and Rachel Goldwyn
Wendy Lotze
Alan Mallach
Lynn Ratener
Arnold and Hannah Rosenblatt
Sara Shifrin
Jim Steffen
Rosalie Stoner
Barbara Straub
Charles and Sandy Townsdin
Ellen Trevors
Bonnie Winn

$100 – $249
Cathy Anderson
Syd Arkowitz
Ruth Bartman
Peter Bleasby
Joyce Bolinger
Sarah Boroson
Charles and Joanna Broder
Jan Buckingham and L.M. Ronald
Christine Crandall
Phil Davis
Raul and Isabel Delgado
John and Mary Enemark
Rick Fendrick
Dorothy Fitch and John Munier
Klaus and Denise Fohlmeister
Peter and Linda Friedman
James and Ruth Friedman
Harold Fromm
Thomas and Nancy Gates
Kathryn Gordon
Mary Gorny
Donita Gross
Richard Hagerty
Doug Hall and Dael Kaufman
Marilyn Halonen
Geoffrey and Adrianna Hewings
Thomas and Louise Homburger
L.J. Homewood
Sara Hunsaker
Joe Kantauskis and Gayle Brown
Bill Kruse
Amy and Malcolm Levin
Karla Van Drunen Littooy
Marilee Mansfield
Jack McReynolds and Valerie Connaughton
Harry Nungesser
Detlev Pansch and Julie Steffen
Jim and Debbie Quirk
Jo Riester
Jay and Elizabeth Rosenblatt
Elaine Rousseau
Howard and Helen Schneider
Edward and Elizabeth Spar
Ronald Straub
Michael Tabor
Michael and Janet Teodori
Barbara Turton
Dimitri Voulgaropoulos and Tyna Callahan
Angel Voyatzis
Doug Weiner
Sheila Wilson
Gretchen Wissner
Elizabeth Zegura

Contributions are listed for this season from December 1, 2021 through September 20, 2022. Space limitations prevent us from listing contributions less than $100. Every contribution helps secure the future of AFCM. Please advise us if your name is not listed properly or inadvertently omitted.

Gifts in memory of 
In memory of Goldie and Isidore Shapiro
by Ben, Miriam, Ruth, and Rachel

Harry Fonseca
by Harry Nungesser

Jill Rosenzweig
by Jean-Paul Bierny and Chris Tanz
by Herschel Rosenzweig

Phyllis Salmon
by Katie Maass
by Jean-Paul Bierney and Chris Tanz
by Charles and Joanna Broder
by Paul and Alice Baker
by Lee Surwit
by Philleen Meskin
by Hope Levy

Rae Silberman
by Gerald and Barbara Goldberg
by Jenny and Hillel Baldwin

Stephen G. Tellman
by Jennalyn Tellman

Gifts in honor of 
Serene Rein
by Donita Gross

Soli Deo Gloria
by Jo Riester

Jean-Paul Bierny Legacy Society
Jean-Paul Bierny and Chris Tanz
Nancy Bissell
Nathaniel and Suzanne Bloomfield
Theodore and Celia Brandt
Nancy Cook
Dagmar Cushing
Dr. Marilyn Heins
Joe and Janet Hollander
Judy Kidder
Linda Leedberg
Tom and Rhoda Lewin
Jerry Peek
Ghislaine Polak
Boyer Rickel
Randy Spalding

$25,000 and above
Family Trust of Lotte Reyersbach
Phyllis Cutcher, Trustee of the Frank L. Wadleigh Trust
Anne Denny
Richard E. Firth
Carol Kramer
Arthur Maling
Claire B. Norton Fund (held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona)
Herbert Ploch
Lusia Slomkowska Living Trust
Agnes Smith

$10,000 – $24,999
Marian Cowle
Minnie Kramer
Jeane Serrano

Up to $9,999
Elmer Courtland
Margaret Freundenthal
Susan R. Polleys Administrative Trust
Frances Reif
Edythe Timbers

Listed are current plans and posthumous gifts.


Drs. Margot and J.D. Garcia
Walt Swap
Ms. Cecile Weaver

Concert Sponsorships
AFCM Board of Directors
Jean-Paul Bierny and Chris Tanz
Larry Herron and Harlow Sires
Max McCauslin and John Smith

Music in the Schools
Barry and Susan Austin
Paul A. St. John and Leslie P. Tolbert

Arizona Commission on the Arts
Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona
Associated Chamber Music Players
Tucson Desert Song Festival

All commission, concert, and musician sponsors are acknowledged with posters in the theater lobby and in concert programs.


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