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$10,000 and above
Joyce Cornell
Walter Swap and Dorothy Leonard

Jim Cushing
J.D. and Margot Garcia
John and Helen Schaefer

Robert and Ursula Garrett
Max McCauslin and John Smith
Randy Spalding
Paul A. St. John and Leslie P. Tolbert
Jim Tharp and Jim Lindheim

Wes Addison
Celia A. Balfour
Michael Bylsma and Mark Flynn
Gail D. Burd and John G. Hildebrand
Dagmar Cushing
Leonid Friedlander
Marilyn Heins and Milton Francis
Katherine Havas
Larry and Rowena Matthews
Richard and Susan Nisbett
Charles M. and Suzanne Peters
Boyer Rickel
George F. Timson
Maurice Weinrobe and Trudy Ernst
Sheila Wilson

Bob Albrecht and Jan Kubek
Frank and Betsy Babb
Jan Buckingham and L.M. Ronald
Barbara Carpenter
Raul and Isabel Delgado
Harold Fromm
Julie Gibson
Janet and Joe Hollander
Michael Lent
Martie Mecom
Serene Rein
Peter Rejto
John and Ila Rupley
Reid and Linda Schindler
Jim Tharp and Jim Lindheim
Sherman Weitzmon
Bonnie Winn
Anne Wright and Rick Wallat

Peter and Betty Bengtson
Nancy Cook
James and Chris Dauber
Bryan and Elizabeth Daum
Martin Diamond and Paula Wilk
Allen Hile and Eloise Gore
Eddy Hodak
David Johnson
Alan Levenson and Rachel Goldwyn
William Lindgren
Thomas Lowry
Duncan Paton
Jay and Barbara Pisik
Stephen and Gale Sherman
Ellen Trevors

Thomas and Susan Aceto
Philip Alejo
Julia Annas
Sarah Boroson
Richard and Mary Brodesky
Judith Brown
Sheila and Charlie Browning
Kaety Byerley
Stan Caldwell and Linda Leedberg
Laura Casarez
Robert D. Claassen and John T. Urban
Gerald Cohen
Kathryn Day
Raul and Isabel Delgado
Donald and Louise Doran
Ira Dorfman
Monika Dorman
Noami Droge and Alex Strong
John and Mary Enemark
David Farneth
Edna Fiedler and Walter Sipes
Martin Flashman
Tommy and Margot Friedmann
Tom and Janet Gething
Gerald and Barbara Goldberg
Kathryn Gordon
Karen Gottlieb
Rich and Nina Grossman
Jeffrey Hurtig
Arthur and Judy Kidder
Susan Klement
Daniela Lax
Robert Lees
Sally Long
Wendy Lotze
Robert Lupp
Marilee Mansfield
Donna Mardis
Clarissa Marques
Gloria and Robert McMillan
Joan McTarnahan
Francis Molloy
Randolph and Margaret Nesse
Harry Nungesser
David Owen
Dr. Mary Peterson and Dr. Lynn Nadel
Dale and Susan Poulter
Jim and Debbie Quirk
Ed and Elizabeth Spar
Barbara Turton
Marianne Vivirito and Ross Iwamoto
Daryl Willmarth
Edward Zalewski


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