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Inspired by a broad range of musical genres that span classical, Latin, jazz and traditional folkloric music from his native Brazil, Raimundo Penaforte has appeared nationally and internationally as a composer and performer. His works have been featured at concerts in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil and the United States at such venues as The Royal Concertgebouw, Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Sala São Paulo, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, and The White House.

Penaforte’s talents have earned him commissions to compose and arrange for acclaimed musicians, including Chee-Yun, Eroica Trio, Saint Lawrence String Quartet, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ), Mark Gould, Dorothy Papadakos, São Paulo Brass Quintet, Axiom Brass, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Os Paralamas do Sucesso, Modesto Symphony Orchestra, Empire City Men's Chorus, Alturas Duo, and João Kouyoumdjian, among others. Members of the New York Philharmonic premiered his The Tortoise and the Hare for chamber orchestra, narrator, and shadow theater with a text adaptation by NY Phil’s Dorian Rence. Valerius Ensemble has presented an all-Penaforte program at the Muziecentrum (Arkezaal) Enschede, and at the Rabotheater Hengelo in the Netherlands before recording Raimundo Penaforte: Between Sun and Snow, a CD released and distributed worldwide by Aliud Records.

Penaforte’s works have been recorded on Telarc, EMI/Classics, Denon Records, Angel, Infiné, Aliud, Pro Organo, Roméo Records, Con Brio Recordings, and Pomegranate Music. Penaforte also co-produced “Carambola,” a CD by Brazilian trumpeter Fernando Dissenha that features Penaforte’s Sweet New York and Carambola. Boosey & Hawkes and Hal-Leonard Corporation have published his concert arrangements entitled Suite From West Side Story for violin and piano.

As an instrumentalist, Penaforte has collaborated with notable musicians such as Latin star Rubén Blades, folk icon Richie Havens, jazz luminary Maynard Ferguson, klesmer clarinetist Giora Feidman, Brazilian pianist Dom Salvador, and Brasil Guitar Duo, among others. Penaforte is a member of 2Minds1Sounda duo with Luxembourgish pianist Francesco Tristano–and has appeared with Out of Focus, New Gründ, and Aufgang Extended. He has toured Colombia with Afro-Cuban charanga band La Tipica Novel and has been featured at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing series.

As a composer, Penaforte has participated in music festivals in the United States, Brazil, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. He was the Artistic Director of the first Brazil-New York Jazz Festival at Town Hall, which featured Paquito D'Rivera, João Bôsco, Toninho Horta, John Patitucci, and Arthur Maia, among others.

Born in the city of Recife in Pernambuco, Brazil, Penaforte has studied at Hardin-Simmons University, New York University and The Juilliard School.


Valerius Ensemble:
Raimundo Penaforte: Between Sun and Snow

1. Tango For Seven
2. Badóque
Three Songs from Gershwin's Porgy and Bess
3. It Ain't Necessarily So
4. Summertime
5. There’s a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York
6. Hommage a Joaquin
7. Quarteto 3: Movimento I
8. Quarteto 3: Movimento II
9. Quarteto 3: Movimento III
10. Brahmonos
11. Carinhoso
(All tracks Composed/Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Eroica Trio: Pasion

8. An Eroica Trio: I. Astor
9. An Eroica Trio: II. Maurice
10. An Eroica Trio: III. Capiba
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

11. Aria (Cantilena) from Bachianas Brasileiras
(Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Eroica Trio: Eroica Trio Debut

1. Three Preludes: Prelude I
2. Three Preludes: Prelude II
3. Three Preludes: Prelude III
(Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Eroica Trio: An American Jorney

6. West Side Story for Piano Trio: I. I Feel Pretty
7. West Side Story for Piano Trio: II. Somewhere
8. West Side Story for Piano Trio: III. America
(Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Eroica Trio: The best of Eroica Trio

14. Aria (Cantilena) from Bachianas Brasileiras
(Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Chee Yun: Vocalise

6. West Side Story Suite for violin and piano: I. I Feel Pretty
7. West Side Story Suite for violin and piano: II. Somewhere
8. West Side Story Suite for violin and piano: III. America
(Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Chee-Yun: The Very Best of Chee-Yun

1. West Side Story Suite for violin and piano: I. I Feel Pretty
2. West Side Story Suite for violin and piano: II. Somewhere
3. West Side Story Suite for violin and piano: III. America
(Arranged by Raimundo Penaforte)

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: Brazil

12. Quartetice: Prelúdio
13. Quartetice: Gangorra
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

“Preludio and Gangorra” was dedicated to LAGQ and premiered at the Tucson Chamber Music Festival.

Fernando Dissenha: Carambola

1. Sweet New York: Dream, Rice and Beans
2. Sweet New York: 46th Street
3. Sweet New York: Tema pro Steve (Elegia)
4. Sweet New York: Jobiniando Nova York
5. Sweet New York: Waltzin' Soho
6. Sweet New York: Grand Central Shuttle
7. Sweet New York: Off Broadway
8. Sweet New York: Suite 2720
15. Carambola
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

Quinteto de Metais São Paulo:
Música Brasileira para Quinteto de Metais

7. 46th Street
10. Spangled
15. Igor
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

João Kouyoumdjian: Surfboard
Solo Guitar Works from Brazil

14. Two Pieces for Guitar Solo: I. Prelúdio
15. Two Pieces for Guitar Solo: II. Zurraço
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

Dorothy Papadakos: Shades of Green

6. Carnaúba
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

Dorothy Papadakos, piano
John LaBarbera, guitar
Raimundo Penaforte, guitar, voice, percussion

Polly Ferman: Habaneras, Milongas, Tangos

16. Ephigennia
(Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)

Francesco Tristano: Not For Piano

10. Two Minds One Sound (Tristano/Penaforte)
Performed by 2Minds1Sound
Francesco Tristano: piano
Raimundo Penaforte: percussion, voice, violin

Mark Gould: Café 1930

1. Samboresque
2. Nana
5. Serenade
6. Carinhoso
7. Undiú
8. Picada de Abelha
11. America over Yonder

(Arranged/Composed by Raimundo Penaforte)
Mark Gould: trumpet
Raimundo Penaforte: guitar, craviola, voice, percussion
Plus special guest musicians



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